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At Urban People Cleaning, we deeply value the trust and privacy of our customers. This policy outlines our commitment to the responsible and respectful use of customer photos on our website, social media, and promotional materials.

This policy applies to all users of Urban People Cleaning's services and website, including those who have provided photos to us.


Customer Consent: By engaging with our services and sharing your photos, you provide consent for the purposeful use of these images for promotional purposes, including marketing, showcasing our services, and sharing customer experiences. Your consent specifies the intended use, duration, and scope of the photos.

Opt-Out Option: We respect your right to control the usage of your photos. If you ever choose to withhold your photos from being featured in our promotional materials, you may revoke your consent at any time. To do so, simply send an email to upclean-services@outlook.com, subject-lined as "Photo Opt-Out Request." Include your full name and relevant account details in the email body. Upon receipt of your opt-out request, we will promptly honor your decision and remove your photos from our promotional materials.


Why We Use Photos: Customer photos are instrumental in showcasing the effectiveness of our services, providing prospective customers with an authentic view of our work, and highlighting the before-and-after transformation of move-out cleans when homes are no longer occupied.

Differentiation: Please note that the photos we use for before-and-after comparisons are specifically from move-out cleans when homes are no longer occupied. Other photos we may take during standard and recurring cleans are used solely for our internal records and are never shared!

Legal Compliance:

Urban People Cleaning adheres to all applicable laws and regulations, including data protection and privacy laws, in the use of customer photos.

Customer Rights:

Customers have the right to request the removal of their photos from our website and promotional materials at any time in accordance with their preferences.

Review and Amendment:

This policy is subject to regular review and may be updated to align with changing legal standards and our evolving business needs. Any amendments will be communicated to our users.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions or concerns related to this policy or the use of customer photos, please feel free to contact our Customer Support at +31 68 50 60 511 or upclean-services@outlook.com

Urban People Cleaning is dedicated to safeguarding customer privacy, respecting your preferences, and maintaining transparency and legal compliance in the use of customer photos. Thank you for choosing us as your cleaning service provider!